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XHCG Ultra Bow Sling & Stabilizer Combo

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Ultra Bow Sling & XR7 Stabilizer Combo

The Phantom XR7 has a custom wrapped carbon main tube with two adjustable dampening modules for added vibration and noise control. The flexible rubber body absorbs vibration like a sponge and the carbon film dipped head weight adds the right balance for the ultimate shooting experience. Available in Carbon Fiber finish.
Weight 8.5oz.

These stabilizers will dampen everything, but your enthusiasm...

Made with billet machined components and a rugged positioning lock, the V-Loc is sure to be as durable as it is reliable. The V-Loc System™ is available in the Ultra Bow Sling or the Adjustable Stablizer Mount. Don’t compromise the function of your bow any longer.

V-Loc Mounts & Slings lock in place with a 6-32 screw that locates into the serrations around the bottom of the mount body. p>The machined channel on the back of the V-Loc mates to your riser and keeps the mount from rotating

Your stabilizer should dampen noise and balance your bow. But why settle for one that distracts from the classic styling of your equipment? The unique Acoustic Control Chamber on the Phantom X Stabilizers works to quiet noise and soften vibration while adding to the appearance of your bow. With different lengths available, your bow can be balanced to your individual preference or customized to visually suit your eye. You can have style and function in the same product. Put one of the Phantom X Series on your bow today and feel the difference these sharp looking stabilizers can make.

Stabilizers and stabilizer mounting holes are great places to counter the balance problem, but that only adds weight to the center of the bow. Xtreme Hardcore Gear™ has designed the V-Loc Ultra Sling System™ which allows the stabilizer and its weight to be custom positioned to offset any added accessories. No one says the stabilizer has to be down the center. Why not balance your bow the way you want it to be?

All of the Phantom Series stabilizers utilize a flexible rubber body as the foundation for the ultimate in vibration control. The red portion is the unique “Acoustic Control Chamber” which reduces vibration and noise. Recoil suppression with this system is amazing to feel as the stabilizer body has more freedom to move as the shot occurs, softening the felt recoil dramatically.

>Gear With Attitude!

All of the Xtreme Hardcore Gear™ accessories are designed to work flawlessly in all hunting conditions, no matter how severe the hunt or weather conditions. Each of the many products we build have been meticulously designed and tested to meet or exceed your expectations, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We know all too well how important your time in the field is and the last thing you need on the hunt of a lifetime is a product that doesn’t get it done for you.

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